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Healthy chocolate zucchini bread served with powdered sugar.
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Healthy Zucchini Bread Recipe with Applesauce

It’s zucchini season which means there are a bunch of homegrown zucchinis laying around. And in case you need a new idea on how to use up all those zucchinis I have a great one for you today. How about this juicy chocolate and hazelnut zucchini bread?

apricot cake with almond slices and powdered sugar on top
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Easy Date-Sweetened Apricot Cake

A fluffy and sweet apricot cake made with whole wheat flour and the natural sweetness of dates. If apricots aren’t in season, feel free to use apples, cherries, plums or some other fruit of your choice instead.

vegan chocolate mug cake recipe
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Easy No Egg Mug Cake Recipe (10 ways)

With this simple no egg mug cake recipe, you can make a delicious, vegan and healthy cake in less than five minutes by using your microwave. And the chances that you already have all the required ingredients on hand are quite high. And for even more healthy snack ideas this recipe comes with 10 delicious ways to jazz up this basic mug cake recipe.

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Low-Calorie Brownie Recipe

Is there anyone who doesn’t love brownies? With their intense chocolate flavor and dreamy fudgy texture, you can’t help yourself loving these moist little chocolate cakes, can you? But with at least 350 calories per serving, these treats aren’t healthy or calorie-friendly at all. That’s why I want to show you a quick and healthy low-calorie brownie recipe with less than 100 calories per serving!