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palm trees and sunset

Our Third Coffee Date

Hey there, do you feel like having another coffee date with me? I’m currently sitting in a motel room in Venice, California with no internet connection… And I don’t know about you, but every time I’m disconnected to the online world, I realize how much my life is depending on a working internet connection …

Palmen Los Angeles

Our Second Coffee Date

Hi there, welcome to another coffee date post. In today’s coffee date I’ll share some vacations, life, and maybe you can also say some business updates. So, I would be thrilled, if you join me on this date.

Christmas Cookie Box

Our Very First Coffee Date

Hey, Hey! If you’re wondering what kind of recipe is hidden behind this post, I’m afraid I must disappoint you right away. Because today, for once, I don’t have a new recipe for you. Instead, I want to give you a little update about my life and my plans for JBR.