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Low Calorie Recipes

A mug of mulled wine served with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick surrounded by Christmas decoration and spices.
Low Calorie Recipes, Winter

Sugar Free Mulled Wine

This easy sugar free mulled wine recipe taste just like a traditional spiced wine, but it will save you a ton of calories. Therefore, it’s the perfect lightened up cocktail or aperitif for your holiday parties or the ultimate drink for a cozy winter evening.

A bowl of healthy mashed potatoes.
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Healthy Mashed Potatoes (Without Butter, Oil or Cream)

This simple mashed potato recipe is made completely without butter, cream and oil but still has a wonderfully creamy consistency with lots of flavor. Served as a side dish it goes well with a wide range of savory dishes. Beside the basic recipe I also got you covered with five different adaptations that will either save you even more calories or will add even more flavor.