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healthy & delicious cream cheese with wild garlic

Every season has its culinary highlights. But if I had to name one favorite culinary season, it’s spring. Starting in April, the most delicious vegetables and fruits come back into season. And of course, I especially love cooking with wild garlic! It really gives every dish an extra nice touch. And by the way, wild garlic has the advantage that you don’t have to worry too much about a garlic breath afterwards. So it’s time for some new wild garlic recipes here on my blog.

What is wild garlic anyway?

Bear’s garlic is an allium plant that is native to Europe. Therefore, you can pick it wonderfully yourself between March and May. Since it is so widely spread, bear’s garlic no longer grows only in forests. In the meantime, you can even find it in the middle of the city. I live quite centrally in Munich, and yet at the moment the wonderful smell of wild garlic is wafting everywhere outside. The taste is very similar to garlic. At the same time, he does not produce such a strong bad breath, as garlic does. However, to be honest, the garlic breath is probably the least of our problems for the last year. 🙂

In any case, wild garlic can be used perfectly to refine all kinds of dishes. That is why I also like to exchange garlic for wild garlic in the spring. However, it should be noted that it is best to add it at the end of the cooking process. This way it keeps its full aroma. But of course you can also distort it raw, for example in salads or pestos.

cream cheese with wild garlic

wild garlic cream cheese – the healthy alternative to garlic butter

An absolute classic during spring is the wild garlic butter. It tastes like garlic butter and still has this beautiful green color. So it is always a highlight at any barbecue and of course tastes awesome on a fresh slice of bread. However, I don’t have to tell you that butter is not healthy at all. It consists almost only of fat and is incredibly high in calories. Since such a slice of bread with some butter on it has easily 370 to 400 calories.

A variant that contains much fewer calories and less fat is therefore my wild garlic cream cheese. You can serve it like butter on bread or as a dip for a barbecue. And as you’ll see next week, it can also be used in many different recipes. And the best part? It consists of just 2 ingredients. Cream cheese and fresh wild garlic. With the choice of your cream cheese you can also save a lot of calories. If you use a fat reduced version with approx. 10% fat instead of the classic one, you save 50 calories or 5g fat on 20g. Keep in mind, this is a really small serving of about one teaspoon.

A simple 5 minute recipe

The preparation is at least as simple as the ingredient list. I find it easiest to use a food processor. But it also works just as well with a blender or just with a knife. But be sure to wash your bear’s garlic really well before you use it. Wild garlic grows on the ground and is therefore exposed to all sorts of things. That’s why I always wash it very thoroughly with cold water. And then, in order not to have too much water in my cream cheese, I just give it another short spin in the salad spinner. But if you don’t have one, that’s no problem at all. Just make sure to drain it well. So once the leaves are thoroughly washed and dried, you’re good to go.

Just put both ingredients in your blender or whatever you use and blend until the leaves are nicely chopped. Personally, I prefer it when there are still small pieces in it. But of course that is up to you. If you don’t have one a kitchen tool like that at hand, it’s no problem. Just chop the wild garlic with your knife, as you would do with parsley or other herbs. Then you can mix that with your cream cheese and viola – the wild garlic cream cheese is ready to serve.

I hope you like the recipe and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll land an absolute hit with this one at your next barbecue. Next week I will show you another recipe how you can use the cream cheese for another dish. So until then, be sure to give it a try! You know I’m always happy to get your feedback, so feel free to write it to me in the comments, via the contact rormula or Instgram.

Have fun trying it out and see you for the next recipe,

wild garlic cream cheese

wild garlic cream cheese

A super simple two ingredient recipe that is a great and healthy alternative to the classic wild garlic butter or the basic garlic butter.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cuisine german
Servings 9 servings


  • 1 package of fat reduced cream cheese I used Philadelphia with 10% fat
  • 30 g fresh wild garlic
  • salt


  • First wash the wild garlic very thoroughly and then drain it well or put it in a salad spinner so that no water gets into the cream cheese.
  • Now put the cream cheese with the wild garlic leaves in a food processor or blender and grind until only very small pieces of the leaves are left and the cream cheese has a nice green color. Add a little salt to taste.
    Alternatively, you can use a hand blender or finely chop the wild garlic with a knife.
  • The cream cheese will keep in the refrigerator for one to two weeks.


The nutritional value of this recipe depends on the cream cheese you use and is almost identical to it, since 30g of wild garlic have just about 5 calories.
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