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Easy No-Stir Risotto with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Shrimps

If you’ve ever cooked risotto before, you know that it needs a lot of stirring. So even though it’s not a very elaborate recipe, it does require some work. But you know what? There’s another way to make risotto and that is the oven! So today I want to show you how to make an easy no-stir risotto by using your oven. Are you ready for that? Then let’s dive right in!

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no stir risotto served in a dutch oven with ricotta cream cheese, spinach, tomatoes and shrimps

My Basic Recipe for Creamy No-Stir Risotto

Maybe you remember my recipe for porcini mushroom risotto? In that recipe, I had shared all my secrets and tips for making the perfect creamy risotto.

And since then, I’ve been wondering if there’s a way that you can make risotto without the constant pouring and stirring. So, I started to do a little research and testing things out and indeed you can make a no-stir risotto in your oven!

And this no-stir risotto recipe is actually not that different to my recipe for porcini mushroom risotto. The base is made with finely diced shallots, garlic and risotto rice.

However, today I use sun-dried tomatoes instead of dried porcini mushrooms. These add a similar amount of flavor and a Mediterranean and slightly salty note to our risotto.

However, unlike the classic risotto recipe we will no add the broth little by little to the risotto. Instead, we will add the entire amount at once. And then we’ll put the lid on our pot and put it straight in the oven for 30 minutes.

And that brings me to the only hack of this recipe. To make the no stir risotto, you’ll need an oven-safe pot. Since we have our oven set to 200°C / 400°F convection, the pot as well as the lid should be able to handle those temperatures.

So, if available, it’s best to use a cast iron pot, deep pan or a Dutch oven.

no stir risotto served in a dutch oven with ricotta cream cheese, spinach, tomatoes and shrimps

Healthy and Nutritious

For today’s no-stir risotto, I opted for a creamy, tomato-based blend. Therefore, we add some sliced tomatoes and fresh spinach leaves to our risotto before serving.

For some extra creaminess, we also add some freshly grated pecorino or parmesan cheese and a spoonful of ricotta cream cheese instead of butter. This way the risotto becomes even creamier and we save a lot of calories.

I also like to serve my no-stir risotto with some garlic shrimps. They provide the proteins and thus round off the dish perfectly.

With these little extras, I’ve turned this recipe into a very balanced and wholesome meal. But, that’s just my interpretation of this recipe. If you don’t like spinach, ricotta or shrimps, leave them out or substitute them.

You can really think about today’s recipe as a basic no-stir risotto recipe that can be adapted to other risotto recipes as you like.


So, with all of that said, let’s get started with the actual recipe.

The quantities, as they are given in this no-stir risotto recipe, are equal to three servings. However, feel free to double, triple, or halve them, depending on how many people you’re cooking for.

And of course, leftovers are a great thing here! Therefore, you are welcome to prepare the double amount and save the rest for the following days.

If you like to have a larger portion or one with more or less calories, carbs, proteins, or fats, feel free to adjust serving sizes to your individually needs.

I always base portion sizes on my personal dietary needs (presumably those of the average woman). However, you or perhaps one of your fellow eaters may need more (or less) than I do.

Ingredients for the No-Stir Risotto:

  • one large shallot
  • two cloves of garlic
  • two teaspoons of olive oil
  • a generous pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of coconut blossom sugar (alternatively brown or white sugar)
  • 250 grams or 8.8 ounces (~1 ¼ cups) of risotto rice
  • six to eight sun-dried tomatoes
  • two teaspoons of tomato paste
  • 120 milliliters or ½ cup of dry white wine
  • 850 milliliters or 28.7 fluid ounces (~ 1 ¾ cups) of vegetable broth

For Serving:

  • 300 grams or 10.5 ounces king prawns (deveined, peeled, and ready to cook), two cloves of garlic and one teaspoon of oil for frying
  • 300 grams or 10.5 ounces of cherry tomatoes
  • 30 grams (~ 1 ounce or ¼ cup) of freshly grated Pecorino or Parmesan cheese
  • one tablespoon of ricotta cream cheese
  • 120 grams of fresh spinach leaves

Alternatives & Substitutions

Feel free to substitute the white wine for the same amount of vegetable broth.

Furthermore, you are welcome to omit all the ingredients I use for serving, as well as the sun-dried tomatoes and the tomato paste. That leaves you with a basic recipe for creamy no-stir risotto.

Or you can replace them with other ingredients, such as dried porcini mushrooms and fresh mushrooms.

Easy No-Stir Risotto – Here’s How to Make It:

As with my recipe for porcini mushroom risotto, the first thing we do is prepare all the ingredients for the oven risotto. That means, we peel and finely dice the shallot and the garlic cloves. We also cut the dried tomatoes into thin strips and measure out the rice.

We also prepare the vegetable broth and measure the wine so that we will have all the ingredients right on hand.

preped risotto ingredients: diced shallots, garlic and dried tomatoes, rice, tomato paste, broth, wine and sugar

Then we put our ovenproof pot on the stove and heat it over medium-high heat. When it is hot, add the olive oil and the diced onion and garlic. Add a generous pinch of salt and sauté them until translucent.

Next, add the rice. Now stir constantly so that it becomes slightly translucent but does not burn. And as soon as the rice grains are a little glassy, we add the dried tomatoes and the tomato paste.

Now stir well one more time before deglazing the risotto with the white wine. Turn down the heat a bit and let it simmer for 30 to 60 minutes before adding all the broth.

risotto with vegetable broth

And off into the Oven

Now, give it one last stir before you put the lid on the pot ant place it in the preheated oven for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, you can already do a little dish washing and then take care of the rest of the ingredients.

To do this, wash the spinach and tomatoes thoroughly. Cut the tomatoes in half and put them aside. You can also grate the Pecorino or Parmesan cheese and put it aside as well.

About 5 minutes before the oven risotto is ready, you can thinly slice the remaining two cloves of garlic. Fry them together with the oil and the shrimps in a separate pan for about three to five minutes.

halved tomatoes on a small wooden board

Super Creamy Tomato Risotto with Shrimp and Spinach

Once the 30 minutes are over, you can take the no-stir risotto out of the oven.

If for some reason there’s still a little too much liquid, you can put the pot back on the stove over medium-high heat without the lid. Within a few minutes, the liquid should be evaporated and absorbed.

Now you can add the tomatoes, cheese and ricotta and stir well. Next, fold in the spinach and you can serve your delicious tomato risotto with the shrimps on top.

no stir risotto served with ricotta cream cheese, spinach, tomatoes and shrimps

That’s it! You see, this yummy, easy no-stir risotto recipe is really easy and quick to make. I hope you like it and that you give it a try soon.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments, or send me a massage via email at contact@julesbalancedrecipes.com or Instagram (@julesbalancedrecipes).

And in case, you’ve tried this no-stir risotto, I’d appreciate your comment and rating on this recipe. It’s easy to do via the comments section below this post and it would mean the world to me.

Have fun trying it out and bon appétit,

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no stir risotto served in a dutch oven with ricotta cream cheese, spinach, tomatoes and shrimps

No-Stir Risotto

Julia Schmitt
This simple oven cooked risotto needs no pouring or stirring. Instead, it cooks in the oven for 30 minutes and can then be served with cheese, creamy ricotta, fresh tomatoes, spinach and sautéed garlic shrimp.
No ratings yet
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 35 mins
Total Time 45 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Servings 3 servings
Calories 514 kcal


  • 1 oven-proff pot or deep pan (with lid!) e.g. cast iron or Dutch oven
  • 1 medium-sized frying pan


Risotto Base

  • 1 large shallot
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • ½ tsp coconut blossom sugar alternatively brown or white sugar
  • 250 g risotto rice (~8.8 oz or 1¼ cup)
  • 6 to 8 sun-dried tomatoes
  • 2 tsp tomato paste
  • 120 ml dry white wine* (~½ cup)
  • 850 ml vegetable broth (~28.7 fl.oz. or 3¼ cups)

For Serving

  • 300 g cherry tomatoes (~10.5 oz)
  • 30 g Pecorino or Parmsan cheese (~1 oz or ¼ cup of grated cheese)
  • 300 g king prawns*** (~10.5 oz) deveined,peeled, and ready to cook
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp ricotta cream cheese**
  • 120 g fresh spinach leaves (~4 oz)



  • Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F convection (alternatively 200°C or 400°F). Peel and finely dice the shallot and garlic. Cut the dried tomatoes into fine strips, measure out the rice and wine, and prepare the vegetable stock.
    preped risotto ingredients: diced shallots, garlic and dried tomatoes, rice, tomato paste, broth, wine and sugar

Prepare the Risotto

  • Heat the pot over medium-high heat on the stove, add two teaspoons of oil and sauté the diced onion and garlic with a little salt until translucent. Add the sugar and let it caramelize briefly.
    sautéed onions and garlic
  • Next, add the rice and stir-fry until translucent. Add the tomato paste and dried tomatoes, stir briefly and deglaze with white wine. Reduce the heat slightly, let it simmer for 30 to 60 seconds and then add all the broth. Stir well and place the pot with the lid closed in the oven for 30 minutes.
    risotto with vegetable broth
  • Meanwhile, wash the tomatoes as well as the spinach and cut the tomatoes in half. Finely grate the cheese, cut the remaining garlic into thin slices.
    grated parmesan cheese


  • Five minutes before the end of the 30 minutes, sauté the shrimps with a teaspoon of oil and the garlic for three to four minutes.
    sautéed shrimps
  • Remove the risotto from the oven, stir well. Stir in the cheese, tomatoes and ricotta, then fold in the spinach well. Serve the risotto with the shrimp and a little more cheese or ricotta on top, if desired.
    no stir risotto mixed with ricotta and tomatoes


For a basic no-stir risotto recipe, only use the ingredients in the upper block and omit the tomato paste. Dried tomatoes can also be omitted or substituted for dried porcini mushrooms or something similar.
*Substitute wine with the same amount of broth.
**Ricotta can be substituted with regular cream cheese.
***You are welcome to omit shrimps or substitute with something else.
Nutritional values per serving
  • calories: 514 kcal
  • fat: 12 g
  • carbohydrates: 67 g
  • proteins: 27 g


Calories: 514kcal
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