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On top of all those free recipes on Jules Balanced Recipes, I have even more for you! My goal is to help you eat healthy and balanced in your everyday life. And in order to stick with this in the long run and turn it a sustainable healthy lifestyle, we should never have to give up all those delicious meals we love so much. And with having the right recipes on hand, it isn’t a problem at all!

To make this even easier for you in your daily life, I want to provide you some free eBooks in addition to all those delicious recipes which you can already find on my blog. You can download them, save them on your desktop or phone, or even print them! So you can take them with you anywhere, even to the few places in the world without internet access.

And just like all other JBR recipes, these recipes are made with healthy ingredients. And I always make sure that they also have well-balanced nutrients. Therefor you can always be sure that they will also provide you with enough proteins, high-quality carbohydrates and healthy fats. In a nutshell, these recipes have everything they need. They are healthy, well-balanced, creative, and most importantly, incredibly delicious.

The Healthy Pasta eBook

Healthy Pasta eBook

“No physical appearance is worth not easting pasta!” – Oh yeah, I totally agree! But how about turning our beloved patsa into a healthy and well-balanced meal? And that’s why I created this healthy pasta eBook for you! In here you’ll find eight of my most favorite JBR pasta recipes as well as four brand new, exclusive pasta recipes!

Click here to download your version of my free Healthy Pasta eBook!

Coming Soon: Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Ideas