Our Third Coffee Date

Hey there, do you feel like having another coffee date with me? I’m currently sitting in a motel room in Venice, California with no internet connection… And I don’t know about you, but every time I’m disconnected to the online world, I realize how much my life is depending on a working internet connection.

So, here I am, Tuesday night in a motel room without a WIFI connection and a paper cup of wine next to me. I mean, isn’t that the perfect time to write a new coffee (or wine?) date post? So let’s imagine, you’re sitting right next to me on this ugly yellow-brown couch and we’re having a little chat.

Currently Celebrating …

Well, what has happened since February, when we had our last coffee date? Uh, probably the best news is that I finished my photography degree as well as my master’s degree.

I had already handed in the master’s thesis at the end of December, which makes it feel like forever since I graduated. But in mid-February I finally got the grade, and with it the happy news that I had passed and completed my degree.

But honestly, what I’m personally even prouder of than my master’s degree, is the fact that I finished my photography online degree sort of thing. As a final assignment, I had to create a photo series. Since I was allowed to choose the topic by myself, I created seven photos for a recipe series.

Do you know those series often shown in recipe magazines, where there are a certain number of different dishes with one common ingredient or one common theme? To escape the German winter blues, I decided to do a series with simple summer tomato recipes.

What’s new?

And while I have finished two degrees, I have already started a new one. At the beginning of February, I started my training as a nutritionist.

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical if this was the right choice. I knew that I was very interested in this topic, but I had my doubts whether it was the right time. After all, this training cost a lot of time and money.

But as soon as I started and worked my way through the first few pages, I was hooked. I was always very interested in the relationship between food and the human body. And learning how individual nutrients can help to improve our performance and health, and how all sorts of digestive, performance, and renewal processes take place in our body is just so exciting to me.

Should we do a little series?

I know, I’m just at the very beginning of my training, but it feels like that I’ve already learned so much. And somehow I have that desire to share those things with you.

That’s why I had this idea of making a little series, where we cover some of those topics related to a healthy diet.

To make it really relevant and helpful for you, I would combine a knowledge part with helpful and practical tips for your everyday life or recipes, which go along with the topic covered in the post.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like it? Uh, and do you have any specific topics, you would like me to cover in one of these posts? Let me know!

Let’s see… Is there anything else?

Okay, what else to report? Actually, I’ve been on the road a lot lately. The first to weeks of January I was in Los Angeles, as I told you in the last coffee date post? And in fact, I’m already back again.

The reasons why I’m spending so much time here lately are a bit complicated. But long story short, I love the city and I had the opportunity to spend some time here.

I still tried to work from here as best I can. But of course, you can’t really develop recipes or even take proper food and process photos in an Airbnb room with a shared kitchen… That’s why I’m looking forward coming back home soon. Even though I’ll miss this city terribly, I want to finally feel really productive again.

at least I tried … 🙂

From a hobby to a full-time job – a short “marathon” update

But apart form the fact that I’ve only been able to work so limited on my blog and my journey to make this baby here my full-time job, things are actually going quite well. And that’s also because of you! So, thank you so much, that you’re following along with me and my recipes. Really, this means the world to me!

My impressions on the blog continue to go up and I’m currently trying to get into that whole Pinterest thing. And once I’m back home, I want to start making videos and building my food photography portfolio.

The last few months, where I often didn’t hat the chance to make a lot of food photos have shown me how much I love food photography. Therefore, I would love to build me a second income stream as a food photographer. And of course, the first step I have to do is building a strong and beautiful portfolio!

So, the next weeks will definitely be marked by creating many new recipes and taking as many pictures as possible.

The next move after that will probably be trying to get my first clients. Honestly, I can’t imagine anything more unpleasant than actively recruiting myself. Those things definitely don’t belong to my comfort zone. But it doesn’t help. Sometimes you just have to do things, whether you like it or not, right?

Okay and with this little moral speech I come to the end of my monologue. And as if the WLAN router had overheard our little coffee date conversation, the wifi came back just at this moment!

With that I dedicate myself to some of the other work I still have to do and wish you a wonderful evening, afternoon or day!

I hope you enjoyed our little coffee date and that I see you soon for another virtual date.



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