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Greek Pasta
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Healthy Greek Pasta with Feta, Eggplant and Spinach

I do love the Greek cuisine! But whenever I went for dinner to a Greek restaurant, I find myself in a slightly comatose condition since this kind of food is so fatty and hard to digest. Do you feel the same way after eating Greek food? If so, you’re gonna love today’s recipe. This healthy Greek pasta bridges the gab between the delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and a healthy, well-balanced dish. And since it’s a pasta bake, I guarantee you that everyone – even kinds or picky eats – will love this dish.

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Creamy Polenta Bowl with Meatballs and Veggies

Welcome to the fifth and for now also the last part of the bowl recipe series. To wrap up this series, I would like to share another healthy and well-balanced recipe with you, that is ready in 30 minutes and is perfect for meal prepping. The star of today’s recipe is a very creamy polenta made with ricotta cream cheese. It’s served alongside some tangy oven-baked meatballs and last week’s Mediterranean stir-fried vegetables. And of course, I’ll also share some ideas on how to make this recipe meatless.

Zitronenhähnchen aus dem Ofen mit Auberginen-Gemüse-Pfanne und Pesto Nudeln
Evergreen Recipes, Main Dishes, recipes, with Meat & Chicken

Mediterranean Bowl with Chicken, Veggies and Pasta

Welcome, to part four of our little bowl recipe series. Today’s bowl is a bit more on the Italian side, since we turn one of my favorite foods, pasta with pesto rosso, into a well-balanced and nutritious meal. We do this by implementing them into a Mediterranean bowl with chicken and vegetables. In the end we will have a nutritious but even more delicious meal with a big serving of Mediterranean vegetables, some tender lemon chicken strips, and those yummy pesto pasta.